Help our Brooke Alumni Persist in College! image

Help our Brooke Alumni Persist in College!

Contribute toward our effort to resolve short-term, unmet financial needs and give our alumni a boost in going the distance to college graduation.


For over a decade, our Alumni Support office has worked with Brooke alumni, providing individualized advising, supporting them to complete Financial Aid processes, and tracking progress toward graduation within 6 years. We know from our advising that persistence isn’t only impeded by academic or social stressors, but financial strain as well.

Our Alumni Fund supports our scholars facing these small, unexpected financial challenges that impact their likelihood of persisting to college graduation, which is critical as many are not only from low-income families but also first-generation college students. We hope this effort increases the ratio of our alumni able to persist in their second year and beyond, especially as larger classes of Brooke High alumni enter college!

For questions about the Alumni Fund or about donating to Brooke in general, please contact Hagar Berlin, Chief Development Officer, at