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Creating Open Space in Mattapan

Contribute toward making our vision for the Brooke High School and Mattapan Community Athletic Fields into a reality.


Brooke is extremely fortunate to have been granted a four-acre parcel of land next to our Mattapan K-7 and high school campuses and we need your support to transform it into open space to benefit our students and community.

Our supporters have enabled us to build our state-of-the-art high school, graduate our first seniors, and make grants to families in need during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. Like those projects, this endeavor will require funding beyond our regular operating budget. Of the $3.5 million cost, we have raised $1 million so far with a $2 million gap to close before we receive a $500K matching gift from a generous Brooke donor. Brooke Charter Schools serve over 2,000 students across four campuses in Boston. Ninety percent of our students are Black and/or Latinx and 89% qualify for free or reduced price lunch, a federal proxy for living under the poverty line. Similarly, 88% of Mattapan residents are Black of Latinx, with 36% being children or teens, the highest ratio of young people in any Boston neighborhood. Revitalizing this four-acre plot will create a community asset to benefit Brooke students as well as our neighbors and program partners.